Draw lots to immigrate to America 2022 .. Learn the procedures and conditions of registration by lot

Draw lots to immigrate to America 2022 .. Learn the procedures and
conditions of registration by lot
America’s lottery 2022 .. Although the United States of America is one
of the most countries that impose somewhat tight conditions on anyone who wants
to enter it, either as an immigrant wants permanent residence or as a visitor
wants to spend a tourist holiday or visit a relative.
However, it is one of the most immigrant-receiving countries in the
world. Every year, it opens its doors to more than 50,000 immigrants around the
world in the so-called American lottery.
What do you know about the American lottery?
The American lottery, the lottery, or the so-called diversity migration
visa program is a random selection process for thousands of immigrants around
the world.
As is well known, the United States ranks third in terms of area after
Russia and Canada with an area of ​​about 9.8 million square kilometers.
However, the population of the United States does not exceed 318
Therefore, America is also one of the countries that suffer from a
shortage of population compared to the area, which makes it in constant need to
bring a large number of immigrants to cover this shortage.
So every year you resort to a random lottery to bring 50,000 immigrants
from different countries without complicated conditions, as in the case of
immigration outside the lot.

In the sense that immigration to America outside the American lottery,
requires a person to meet several conditions, including the level of education
and evidence obtained, the contract of employment and age and mastery of the
English language…
But in the American lottery, it is different where everyone who meets
some simple conditions can register in this lottery and wait for his luck.If he
is fortunate, this is what we wish, and if he is cubed like me, he will have to
wait with me until the predestination authorizes him.
What are the conditions for registration in the draw for the US 2022?
In order to register for the 2021 USA draw you will have to meet some of
the easy conditions:
Be eligible to participate in the US lottery 2021 (there are countries
whose citizens cannot participate in the US lottery)
Have at least a baccalaureate certificate (high school or the equivalent
of 12 years of study with a certificate)
You must have a valid passport
Fill out the form in which you will have to provide a set of your
personal information. (But you will have to wait for the date when the
registration process will be announced)
These are the conditions; if you do not have a baccalaureate, do not
waste your time in the registration because even if you win the lottery you
will have to submit this certificate in the file and the absence of your
application will be canceled and thus you have wasted your time and lost the
opportunity to someone else.
Is the passport necessary to draw in the draw of America 2022?
Yes, the passport has become necessary so that anyone can register for
the 2022 American lottery
According to a decision issued by the US Department of State on
06/05/2021, every person who wants to register in the American lottery has to
submit in the electronic registration form some information related to his
passport such as passport number, expiry date…

You can access the US Federal Register website to view the US Department
of State’s decision regarding a mandatory passport during registration.
What is the purpose of adding passport information during registration?
As a justification for the State Department’s decision to add a passport
in the registration requirements, the situation is limited by the high number
of fake registrations in the program.
Fraudulent organizations sometimes provide information to some
individuals without their consent.

The members of these fraudulent organizations then communicate with
those people whose identities were used during registration and tell them that
they have a chance to apply for a US immigrant visa.
They then ask their victims to provide money for the immigrant visa.
Therefore, the passport information provided by the person will help in
determining the registration of the real application and registration of the
fake application.

Anyone who wants to register in the draw of America Beware of what you
post on Facebook
History of the draw of America 2022
The American lottery is usually applied from October of each year and
lasts until November
This means that the duration of registration lasts for a whole month,
and as mentioned above, the American lottery is a random lottery.
Means it depends on random clouds and only luck.
It can be attended by both young and baccalaureate families, even if
they are old.
How to register in the draw of America 2022
The American lottery is submitted online only through the official
lottery website
Then fill in all the required information and data in English including:
First and last name
Gender Identification (Male or
date of birth
Passport number and expiry
Place of increase If the city
of increase is OK, but if it is not known for example in the suburbs or
otherwise, you must press (Birth city unknown)
Country of increase
Family Status
Add the name of the husband or
wife and children in case if the applicant is married
A digital image that respects
the required standards

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