European Blue Card 2022 An easy way to immigrate to Europe

European Blue Card 2022 An easy way to immigrate to Europe

Citizens from outside Europe who want to work in the European Union in 2020, and business owners who want to invest money can also obtain the blue card easily according to some of the conditions that we will mention and that must be met in the migrant within the framework of the European blue card program in 2020.

What is the blue card?
The European blue card is a single work permit that allows workers outside the European Union to live and work in 25 of the 28 member states of the European Union. Countries that do not participate in the blue card program are the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark. Thus, you can immigrate and reside in any of the European Schengen countries, except Denmark.

Why was the blue card created?
The European Blue Card program is designed to make Europe more attractive to people with higher education from countries outside the European Union. With the exception of the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland, member states participate in the European Blue Card program.
The top destinations for graduates of higher education have always been countries like the United States, Canada, or Australia. But the European initiative has many unique qualities that will enable it to become the new favorite destination:

·         Work conditions and wages equivalent to the conditions of the country of origin
·         Reaching a certain number of social and economic rights
·         Conditions for family reunification
·         Permanent residence benefits
·         Freedom of association
The blue card will enable the problem of migrant workers without legal documents to reside by making the process of recruiting foreign nationals simpler for employers and also providing a way for undocumented workers to obtain legal status. The placement of the blue card gives workers the option to regularize their status by enabling them to stay permanently after five years.

What is the length of stay with the blue card?
Blue cards are usually issued for a validity period of between 1 and 4 years, and can be renewed. The blue card also allows its holder to move between and visit other blue card program countries, but only for a period of 90 days in any 6-month period. The family can also be reunited as the blue card allows applicants to include family members in their application.

What are the conditions for obtaining the blue card 2020?
The European Union blue card network allows you to create a profile that potential employers can view and provide you with a platform to electronically submit an electronic card application. Three main conditions must be met to apply for the European Union blue card.

To be eligible for the European Blue Card you must have:
·         To be a citizen from outside the European Union
·         Have at least a Bachelor’s degree or 5 years of professional experience
·         Having a job offer in one of the blue card countries, whose salary exceeds at least 150% of the country’s minimum wage.

·         The period of the employment contract that you obtained is not less than one year

Change jobs or blue card country
After 18 months, blue card workers can apply for a new blue card for a different country. After two years, candidates for the blue card often have the freedom to change jobs with their employer, or start working for a new employer in the same country. Some countries are more restrictive in terms of changing jobs and employers.
If blue card holders lose their job, they will be given 3 months to stay in the country and find work, and they can claim social security benefits in this period. If they are still unemployed after 3 months, the blue card can be withdrawn from them.

What are the documents required to obtain the blue card?
·         An application for a blue card explaining the reasons, motives and incentives that motivate you to immigrate
·         passport from your country
·         Copies of university or professional degrees
·         Experience certificates delivered by your operator
·         Recent photographs
·         Employment contract in the country you intend to emigrate to
Where do you get the blue card?

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