Find out about the new immigration law to Germany 2022 and its job opportunities

Find out about the new immigration law to Germany 2022 and 
its job opportunities

Immigration to Germany
Germany (and its capital: Berlin) is one of
the countries located in the continent of Europe in a geographically distinct
location, and due to its system of government it is called (the Federal
Republic of Germany), and it is one of the countries that has a large area and
low population density, and when you visit Germany you will find it from
Countries with vitality, vigor and giving work a great deal of attention and

In addition to enjoying a high standard of
living and cultural level for its people, Germany also enjoys a great interest
by the government in green spaces, which made more than 70 percent of its area
green, and therefore, immigration to Germany is the endeavor of many
individuals worldwide.

New immigration law to
The country of Germany suffers from a severe
shortage of skilled workers in many professions and jobs, and most of its
employees are elderly people. Therefore, in the context of the state’s endeavor
to bridge this deficit, it has developed a new immigration law similar to the
immigration laws of Canada and Australia based on points, but it differs A
little about them.

In the new immigration law to Germany, points
for selecting applicants for immigration will not be calculated; rather, it
depends on the presence of educational qualifications, work experiences, or
high material ability, or mastery of the German language in a way that helps in
communicating with employers, and among the most important items that came in
the new law , the following:

·     Work
experience: This law focuses primarily on facilitating immigration for people
with practical experience in some majors to Germany, with university
qualifications granted a blue card to be as a work permit that enables them to
travel to Germany.

·    Changing the
course of rejected asylum applications: Many asylum requests to Germany are
rejected for one reason or another, and for this reason (the Social Democratic
Party) in Germany decided that the applications of people with the ability to
integrate and work in German society be transferred with the mastery of the
German language from (asylum application) to (Request an immigration for
economic reasons).

·     Facilitating
immigration for owners of some professions: The government coalition also
settled in Germany to lift restrictions on some professions, especially those
that need to occupy a large number of workers and employees, and to ease the
conditions imposed by (Employment Agency) on these professions, and the number
of professions that this item applies to is about 61 different professions.

It is worth noting that this law does not give
priority to the citizens of the country when selecting employees and workers,
but it depends only on practical experience, skill and proficiency in the
German language, and one of the most important jobs that suffer from a
deficiency in competencies in Germany is a job (information technology
·     Availability
of obtaining a job search visa for skilled labor: Previously obtaining a job
search visa was available for academic professionals; and with the new
immigration law, this visa became available to those with vocational
qualification and skilled labor, but the law indicated that no living aid is
paid during the period of presence in Germany to search for work, so there is
an emphasis on the provision of the need to have a capacity to cover the period
of residence for the visa.

Job opportunities in Germany
As we mentioned earlier, there are a large
number of vacancies in Germany that need highly qualified workers and
employees, and it is best for the applicant to be present personally within
Germany in order to be able to obtain a contract of employment easily, since as
mentioned, it is difficult to obtain On the contract before traveling.
If there is a need to obtain a work contract
before traveling, one of the relatives or friends residing in Germany can be
hired and can communicate with them through the employers.

It is worth noting that
there are three types of employment contracts in Germany:
Full time:
(40 – 45) working hours per week.
(24 – 39) working hours per week.
working time: less than 20 working hours per week, and this type is completely
exempt from income tax.

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