Immigration to Canada, which announced the need for 48 thousand drivers with important salaries

Immigration to Canada, which announced the
need for 48 thousand drivers with important salaries
If you have the ability to drive long distances and have a license to
drive trucks and want to immigrate to Canada, this is your chance to get this
job with a high salary.

According to the Truckers’ Association, although drivers in Canada earn
an attractive salary of between $ 50,000 and $ 90,000 a year, the country
currently suffers from a severe shortage of 48,000. The reason for this is the
difficult working conditions. It is borne by few who accept this profession.

Since Canada has a land area of ​​9.984.670 km², the driver usually
works for up to 12 days continuously due to the length of the distance traveled
until after taking a vacation for only 3 days to rest and prepare for another

Faced with a severe shortage of Canadians practicing the profession, the
Atlantic Provincial Truckers Association organized a program to train immigrant
drivers arriving through immigration programs to Canada, employing only about
400 drivers from other countries between 2015 and 2018.
Even the founder of the Transportation Training Centers, John Piodre,
has revealed that the profession is attractive to unmarried young people, where
they find the opportunity to earn money beside wandering in all cities and
provinces of Canada, but they lose their appeal when they marry and form a

El Whitaker, owner of a cargo company in the Canadian province of New
Brunswick, said the truck drivers were most important as most of the goods in
Canada were being transported on trucks, adding that he was finding it
difficult to find new drivers and his best driver was now Above 70 years.
Immigration to Canada for those wishing to work in truck driving:
The method of application is through several methods, including applying
through Canadian employment sites
Information for those who want to
immigrate to Canada to work in trucking:
Types of work in truck driving in Canada:
Truck driving in Canada is diverse. There are people working on ice
transportation, logging or fuel transportation, and also working across the
country for long distances and short distances, and local work inside Canada
and outside the Canadian border.
About 70% of Canadian trucks operate across the border, meaning that
truck drivers need to cross the Canadian border and require a passport and a
clean criminal record.
There is a huge demand in Canada for drivers with a clean criminal
record. Trucking companies want to hire drivers that can be sent anywhere
outside Canada, not just within Canada, especially at a time when there is a
severe shortage of drivers.
Truck Stop Facilities in Canada:
Although trucking is widespread in Canada, truck parking facilities are
few in number, and most of those already in place are substandard.
There are few major truck stations along the Ontario and Quebec corridor
and in major city centers such as Winnipeg, Calgary and Toronto, but they are
not found on many other long-distance highways.
It can be difficult for truckers to find clean petrol stations.When
looking at the 3,600 mile highway from Canada’s east coast to the Canadian west
coast, truck stops can reach several hundred miles, which makes trucking in
Canada is more challenging, with a limited number of places to stop for rest
and meals.
Some challenges for drivers:
Winter in Canada and off-road especially in the mountains and congestion
on the main roads makes driving task difficult for truckers,
The long list of strict rules and regulations imposed on drivers makes
truck driving in Canada less attractive than it was a few decades ago.
However, it is still possible to make this profession attractive, if the
driver works with a good transport company.

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