“Age job” in Australia .. The salary is 140 thousand dollars

job” in Australia .. The salary is 140 thousand dollars
In the remote
continent, where hundreds of thousands of immigrants go every year, there seems
to be a door to a large livelihood through jobs that do not require experience.

As Australia’s mining
industry recovers, companies are looking for thousands of employees with an
average annual salary of $ 140,000.
According to
press reports, companies working in the mining sector have announced the need
for employees in a variety of fields, from chefs and cleaners to engineers and
mechanics experts, after reducing their workforce during the past years
Britain’s Daily
Mail reported a one-third rise in mining advertising in Australia.

The prices of
coal and iron ore recovered after falling sharply, encouraging a move to
Queensland and Western Australia in search of remunerated careers.
Queensland alone
saw 942 new mining jobs announced with salaries ranging from $ 100,000 to $
200,000 a year.
In Western
Australia, companies compete for talented mechanics, with annual salaries of up
to $ 114,000 for inexperienced and $ 200,000 for highly skilled workers.

The Australian
Mining Council estimated the average income of miners at $ 140,000 a year, 71
percent more than Australia’s average full-time wage of $ 82,000.

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