Salaries in Australia for certificate holders and trades

Salaries in Australia for certificate
holders and trades
 Here is a more detailed look at the monthly payments by
heterogeneous employment sectors and among employees, whether men or women,
according to data released by PayScale for studies and analysis.

Working salaries in Australia
The beginning with the mining
This is one of the highest wage sectors in the country, where the miner
earns an income of about $ 107,025 once a year.
Education sector:

Teachers in Australia earn an average of $ 62,000 once a year, but they
may receive up to 52% of their salary with years of experience. A 10-year
teacher gets a salary of $ 70,000 once a year.
In New South Wales, teachers receive an annual salary of $ 88,000.

Neurosurgeons earn a salary of $ 260,000 once a year, but their level of
profit is not the same, depending on their experience and state. Monthly
payments can range from $ 98,000 to $ 570,000 once a year.
Aviation personnel:

Air traffic controllers earn about $ 118,000, while those in the sector
earn an initial salary of about $ 59,000 once a year, but the income has been
on the rise with years of experience.

Window cleaners:
The average rate of salaries paid by window cleaners is about $ 59,000
once a year. The monthly payments range between 40,000 and 81,000 a year. They
also earn a salary higher than 35% of the salaries according to the national
In Australia, an average accountant earns about $ 55,000, but monthly
payments range between $ 40,000 and $ 83,000 once a year. In Melbourne, the
accountant earns a salary of $ 70,000, while Brisbane’s accountants earn at
least $ 68,000 nationwide.

Garbage truck drivers:
A garbage truck driver earns about $ 40 an hour, an estimated $ 85,000
Flight Attendants:
If you work in that field, the average employee earns about $ 44,000 a
Psychiatrists: $ 69,000
once a year
Plumbers: $ 59,000 or
an average of $ 28 an hour
Lawyers: $ 69,000
once a year
The minimum acceptable wage in Australia is $ 18.29 per hour, or $ 695
per week, before the fee is deducted. If the employee wishes to check the
amount he / she needs to pay, visit the website.
List of the 10 lowest paid jobs in Australia
Published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, fast food chefs are
the least paid in Australia.

Despite the traditional impression that lower-paid jobs need little
skills, schooling has reported that a number of jobs are underpaid in
Australia, lacks specific government qualifications, such as
hairdressing and beauty care.
The top 10 lowest paid jobs in Australia are listed in descending order:
10.Bartender: $ 41,909 per year
Note that bellars who work in food and beverage departments in hotels,
restaurants and clubs earn slightly higher amounts than their counterparts in

Veterinary nurse: $ 41,376 per year
8. Cafe workers: $ 40,420 per year
The tasks of café workers are somewhat similar to barkers and chefs, in
preparing food and beverages and presenting them to customers, after knowing
their orders, disinfecting tables and washing dishes, but they get lower wages.
7- Beauty care specialist: $ 40165 per year
Its functions are embodied in the work of a body, face, massage, and
other subjects, a job that needs acquisition of AQF certification.

6 – Associate pharmacist: 39369 dollars once a year 39369 dollars a year
5- Sewing machines workers: $ 39250 per year
4 – Hairdressers: $ 38865 a year
External Risk Advisors: $ 38,319 per year
Like those who instruct civilians about the best way to hunt, climb, and
other risks
2 – Other hospitality workers 38054 dollars per year
Such as luggage holders
1- Fast food cooks $ 37,705 once a year.

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