Brain Drain To Australia : causes and consequences

Brain Drain To Australia : causes and consequences

In the recent years , immigration has become a well spread phenomenon , especially in the Arab countries . Most of youths are dreaming to leave their home country in order to create a life full of peace , good living conditions , a prosperous future , and a good work conditions . That is why , they think of leaving their country after finishing a certain educational level or after they feel lost in their country .

Many skilled workers and well educated people feel disappointed about their life , and about their life status . They spend years and years to get certain diploma , but after that they shocked by the reality . They do not find work , and keep under the surfers of unemployment . Sometimes , they find work but in an other field .

One of the well known destinations of immigration is Australia . Australia is a very famous destination for skilled workers , and brilliant people . It is a well developed Continent with plenty of living advantages . So , that throughout history , Australia , has been a diverse country with diverse identities , cultures , and languages .

Brain drain to Australia has become a favourite choice for most of people for many reasons . However , reasons differ but the goal is the same. Looking for a better life , and better work conditions is a goal among youths and others .

The following paragraph will speak about the main reasons why skilled workers , and highly educated people immigrate to Australia . So that you can have an idea about the

As well as , why people make this transformational journey in their life , and what make them get ride of leaving their country , origins , family , and the peacefulness of their country .

The reasons why people prefer to immigrate to Australia :

· Australia is a fantastic place of great and diverse work opportunities .

· It is the right place to work and live a quality life .

· Australia vibrant ‘s cities .

· High employment rate .

· Incredible landscape beauty .

· Free education for children ( good education support ) .

· Free health insurance in all over the country .

· Tax benefits for families (permanent residents and Australian citizens both can get benefit from this ) .

· Financial support system for new-borns (family receives A $ 5,500) . New borns get support from the government in order to encourage parents to grow up their kids in good environment .

· First home insurance for permanent residents and Australian citizens (up to A $ 26,000 for new home).

· Full employment rights, help get a job . It is vital to everyone to get all the employment rights .

· Access to Australian citizenship ( non citizens can access to Australian citizenship after completing a certain points ) .
Possibility to include couples, children and parents ( most of non Australians can bring their families to Australia.

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