How to register and apply in the American lottery 2022-2023

How to register and apply in the American
lottery 2022-2023
If you want to participate in the lottery or random draw to immigrate to
America or Green Card, you are in the right place read the full article and we
will guide you and answer all your questions and find a way to register with
Important questions about green card

What is the Green Card Draw
It is a program organized every year, and the Government of the United
States of America grants 50,000 visas
Visa for individuals from eligible countries, i.e. the country whose
members are allowed to apply for the lottery
For public participation to work, study or live in the United States
American and that’s under the random immigration program to get the
permanent green card

What is DV -2022

DV is an abbreviation for Diversity Visa, i.e. random visa, and its name
is renamed
to the fiscal year in which the U.S. government distributes green cards.

What am I going to get from a
green card?

Green Card holders can travel freely to and from the United States
because they are considered permanent citizens on U.S. soil and are entitled to
work and benefit from health, education, taxation, retirement, social security
and other assistance. They are agents and hosts to their relatives seeking a
Green Card visa, after which Green Card holders can apply for U.S. citizenship
without losing their nationality from their country of birth, and green card
cards are valid for a long time. Life

Can I join my family if I get a
Green Card?

Yes, you can, if you get a green card, bring your husband or wife and
your unmarried children under the age of 21 and they will be given special
Green Card cards.

Can my wife or husband apply for
a Green Card?

You can, but in fact your chances will be better if you apply for a
green card individually.

Can I include my fiancée or
fiancé in my application?

You can’t do that, the wife must be registered as legally married and
only she is allowed to apply, yet you can register your fiancée and fiancée by
obtaining an additional Green Card application form.

What are the conditions for my
children to register for the Green Card application?

You must register all your minor children, unmarried children under the
age of 21, regardless of their desire to emigrate or not, and you must exclude
the mention of married or son children over the age of 21, and if your partner
has a spouse or children under the age of 21 years of marriage or ex-wife must
be mentioned in Demand too.

Are signatures and photos of the
whole family required or are only the photos and signatures of the primary

Signatures are not required in the e-immigrant visa application form or
the required form is recent and individual photographs of the applicant’s
spouse or all children under the age of 21.

What if I am a citizen of a
country other than the one in which you were born?

You should mention in your application the country in which you were
born even if you are not a citizen of that country, the United States
Government and the U.S. Green Card Lottery Association do not recognize any exception
to this rule.

Does it matter if you’re in or
out of the United States?

If you meet or meet the requirements to participate in the lottery, it
doesn’t matter if you are in the United States or in any other country.

How many applications do I have allowed
to apply each year?

You are allowed to submit one application to participate in the U.S.
Green Card draw per person each year.
How are the winners selected in
the Green Card Draw?

Green Card winners are randomly selected by an electronic system from
all eligible applicants.

What is the cost of entering the

There is no entrance fee for the lottery and there is no free
registration fee.

How do I know I won the Green
Card Random Immigration Contest?

Winners will receive official letters sent to their addresses mentioned
in their applications, and winners will generally be notified in the spring
following the deadline for applications.

What if I miss the last
application date?

Your application form for the Green Card lottery will be submitted next

What is the age required to apply
for green card?

Based on the educational level, you must be 18 years of age and older.

Do I have to emigrate if I win
the Green Card?

If you apply and win, you will not be forced to immigrate to the United
States, and this decision is your only decision.
Can people currently in the USA
participate in the Random Draw Program?

Yes, those within the UNITED States can apply for a random migration

Does the U.S. State Department or
the Random Immigration Program announce the winners online?

The State Department or the Random Migration Program Center do not
advertise any names on the Internet for security and privacy reasons to green
card winners.

If I’m married and I win
immigration, can I travel alone?

Of course, you can travel alone as a first stage to prepare for the rest
of the family and the family can then follow you provided that this is during
the visa period of 6 months.

I don’t have any degrees.

Progress on random immigration to America requires high school or its
equivalent, 12 years of government education.

If I win and travel, will I be
provided with a job?
No jobs will be created through the government in the United States of
America, and those who win the random immigration program must manage before
traveling there, meaning you must manage to live and work with a relative or
friend in the United States.

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