Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada : How Does It Work ?

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada : How Does It Work ?

Fruit jobs in Canada :
Fruit picking jobs in Canada are one of the most popular kind of jobs among youngest people who are willing to do a different thing . Fruit picking jobs in Canada is are very recommended for many reasons , especially for those who wants to earn some extra money .

Many people like this kind of jobs , which has an end date with advantages . In other words , young people like to spend a one year or 3 months abroad in a foreign country , working in the farms , breathing fresh air , with a new environment , a new place , creating memories , and earn money at the same time .

Getting a seasonal worker visa is not at all difficult . It is very easy , and a forwarded process . That is why people apply a lot to this kind of jobs , and this concerns both the locals and non locals of Canada . While Canada is in need of farm workers , it pays good its workers .

What does fruit picking involves ?

Well, fruit picking is a seasonal work , and the duration must be at least 3 months .

Fruit picking is a very hard work , so applicants must be healthy , strong, good physical health , and fit . They must be also prepared to spend most of the days outdoors in hot sunshine , and hot weather .

Honestly speaking , Canada needs more farm workers to manage their corps , taking care of animals , and fruits picker jobs .

Well, a visa for this kind of seasonal work does not require higher qualification and experience .

there is a serious need for workers to work in Agriculture field. This visa is known as Farm worker visa, Fruit Picker Visa or seasonal agriculture visa because these are season based visas to work in farms and fruit gardens. These are mostly Level C or D visas. You can find it in National Occupational Classification of Canada with Title of General Farm Worker, Harvesting Labourer , Aquaculture and marine harvest labourers .

When the seasonal work in Canada starts ?
The seasonal work in Canada as a fruit picking job starts from June to September . It depends on the type of fruit being picked . There is a certain calendar for picking each type of fruit .

Where to find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada :

There are many places in Canada where one can find a job in agriculture . Yet , the most popular places are as follow :

• British Columbia

• Ontario

• Quebec

• New Scotland

• New Brunswick

How much do fruit picking jobs in Canada pay ??
The average Fruit Farm Worker salary in Canada is $22,289 per year or $11.43 per hour. Entry level positions start at $20,865 per year while most experienced workers make up to $27,300 per year.

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